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Look for our "Mark of Excellence"

The CANPLY "Mark of Excellence" is an assurance to consumers that our plywood meets the high quality standards established by the industry and that it will perform in a satisfactory and predictable manner. Only plywood manufactured by member companies of CANPLY are licensed to use this stamp.

CANPLY Assurance of Quality:

CANPLY member companies warrant their certified plywood against manufacturing defects including delamination. Please see specific manufacturer's warranty for details.



CANPLY EASY T&G profiles should NOT be mixed with any other T&G panels. Risks in mixing T&G profiles that do not exactly conform to the characteristics, shape, and dimensional tolerances of EASY T&G are:

  • Inexact fit between panel tongue and groove edges that defeat design attributes
  • Unmatched profile indexes that prevent a uniform, ridge free surface
  • Squeaking at panel joints
  • Voiding of expressed or implied warranties
  • Irreparable customer dissatisfaction



Why Plywood?

Plywood outperforms all other panels on the market:

· Highly Stable
· Stronger & Lightweight
· Impact Resistant
· Proven Performance
· Environmentally Responsible
· Value Added

Plywood Technical Data

Plywood Engineering Properties and Design Values


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EASY T&G - Floor

EASY T&G - Floor


Milled with a precision-engineered edge profile for fast easy installation.


Floor and heavy roof sheathing for residential, commercial and industrial construction.


CANPLY EASY T&G is considered Canada's "standard" in plywood tongue and groove products. With over 25 years of proven performance, the precision-engineered dimensions of EASY T&G's tongue and groove are designed to:

  • Enable fast, problem-free installation
  • Prevent buckling by accommodating panel expansion due to moisture changes
  • Prevent wedging action that exert damaging splitting forces
  • Accommodate field applied adhesives
  • Provide a uniform, ridge-free surface
Douglas Fir (FIR) CSA O121-DFP
Canadian Softwood (SPF) CSA O151 - CSP
Aspen/Poplar CSA O153 - POPLAR
Select Tight Face
Select (SEL)
Sheathing (SHG)
15.5 mm - 5/8"
18.5 mm - 3/4"
20.5 mm - 13/16"
22.5 mm - 7/8"
25.5 mm - 1"
28.5 mm - 1 1/8"
Lengths up to 2500 mm (8'-2")
Widths from 600 mm to 1250 mm (2' to 4'-1")


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Easy T&G Floor Installation Tips

  1. Maintain Proper Gaps Between Panels.
    Do Not Force Tightly Toghether!
    • Leave built in" 1mm expansion gap between tongue and groove edges.
    • Leave a 2mm gap between panel ends.
  2. Lay Panels with Face Grain
    Across the joint.
  3. Maintain Proper Fastener Spacing.
  4. Space fasteners 150mm (6") around the perimeter of the panel and 300mm (12") on immediate supports.

    For plywood thicknesses up to 18.5mm, code approved fasteners include 51 mm common or spiral screws, 51 mm staples, and 45 mm ring thread nails or screws. Longer fasteners are required for panels thicker than 18.5 mm.


Adding a bead of elastomeric glue between joist and panel helps eliminate squeaks and nail popping and increases floor stiffness resulting in potentially longer spans.

Storage and Handling

The EASY T&G profiles are sturdily built and designed to engage even when wet. But dry, undamaged panels install faster and easier, so maximize the time you can save by following these suggestions on the job site:

  • Cover plywood bundles with plastic or tarp.
  • Use three supports as dunnage to prevent sagging.
  • Do not mix CANPLY EASY T&G with other T&G's.